Taken in Hobart, Tasmania, Feb. 1966. USS Calcaterra crew members: L-R  ??,  ??,  Bob Suttle ETN-3, Harry Olson RM-3. Click on image for larger view.

Bob Suttle, ETN-3, got a little "over done" while sunning himself on a beach near Perth, Australia. I can remember this day like it was yesterday. The beach was clean, with white sand as far as you could see.
On my first trip to Australia in 1966 we were tied up with HMAS Supply. I met a seaman from Supply and we had a few beers. Later that night I went aboard Supply for a tour, and he came aboard Calcaterra. We swapped hats and I think I also gave him a belt buckle. Here's a photo of the hat. Inside it reads"Alvin Hunt Is Married". He told me his wife added the "is married" part.
Here's a photo of Bob Suttle, Nov. 2003, Washington, DC.

Photographed  while visiting the Coronation Hotel, Australia. Feb. 1966. Click on image for larger view. With the help of Pete Callaghan, this photo was taken in Fremantle/Perth.

  •  Not sure if that's Adelaide as the trams were not green here. Adelaide trams were a dark red that I know of but you never know I my be wrong.
    Regards Pete
Bob Suttle, ETN-3 on liberty in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) Deep Freeze 65-66. USS Calcaterra

Here are some more current photos from Sydney, Australia.

I took these 2 photos from a water taxi traveling from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay, actually to the Sydney Opera House to meet friends for a performace. April, 2003.


The story behind the building of the Opera House is a facinating tale of politics.
Sydney Opera House as seen from Taronga Zoo. March, 2001