New Zealand (continued)

The above photographs of Dunedin were taken on April 4, 1999, from Upper Stuart Street. Walking up that hill some 34 years after the first time I did it was an interesting physical challenge. Click on the images for larger views of the harbor and wharf area.

Looking to the back of the Dunedin Railway Station, photographed from the foot bridge which some people used as a short cut when walking from the wharf to downtown. Photographed on April 5, 1999. The front of the station was being refurbished during this visit. Click on image for larger view.

Photographed April 5, 1999. Dunedin, New Zealand.   Clockwise, left to right: Merlin and Dianne Greiner,  Lesley and Ed Lynch.  Mer was aboard USS Thomas J. Gary, Deep Freeze 66-67,  Ed was aboard USS Calcaterra, Deep Freeze 65-66. Click on image for larger view.

How many Deep Freeze sailors knew that Dunedin's Baldwin Street is the steepest street in the world.  It has a grade 1 in 2.7 which is a 20 degree slope. Photograph take April 5, 1999.  Click on image for a larger view.

While in New Zealand the Otago Daily Times covered the activities of the Deep Freeze picket ships. Archive copies of articles about the USS Calcaterra and USS Thomas J. Gary (Sept, 1965 - March 1967) were obtained from the Dunedin Public Library. Click here to see some of those articles, which are in the public domain.

Any Deep Freeze weather picket sailor will probably remember these scenes. The top photo is the USS Calcaterra approaching Port Chalmers, New Zealand heading for Dunedin. It's hard to see in the scan, but off to the right are the cranes which are located at Port Chalmers.  The bottom photo is that of the Otago Harbour pilot, who led us into, and out of, the harbour I vaguely recall one return from picket when the TJ Gary arrived at Tairoa Head at about 6PM. The pilot didn't want to come out to the ship, he wanted us to wait till morning to transit the harbour. The captain (Kingston) made it perfectly clear that we would dock in Dunedin that evening, with or without the pilot. We docked that evening. I always liked Kingston, he was a neat CO.
Photograph of Mac Gorby, QM-2, USS Calcaterra, the Otago Harbour Pilot's boat is alongside Calcaterra. We were heading for Dunedin.

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