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This photograph was taken in December, 1965 from the radar platform of USS Calcaterra. Looking towards Dunedin. Tied up at the oil wharf. Note the string of holiday lights to the left of the image. Click on image for larger view.
Dunedin Train Station, just a few minutes walk from the wharf where the picket ships tied up. The building was completely restored during 1999. While it's not as active as a train station as it was in the past, like many grand old stations in the US, a good restaurant is now housed in the building. Taken March 22, 2000.
During DF 66-67 several TJ Gary crew members rented a flat at 594 Great King Street which was an old Victorian duplex. In the mid 1980s 594 was completely remodeled, with the Victorian architecture removed. This photo was taken on March 21, 2000. The unit on the left is 592 Gr. King St. the unit on the right is the remodeled 594,  which used to look like the twin of the opposite half of the duplex. That's Gene Spinelli, ETR-3 standing in front of 592 Gr. King St. The bottom image gives you a better perspective on the changes to the building.
George Street and Moray Place
Another view of the train station
At the Octagon.

The Ale House, at Speights Brewery, across the street from the site of the long gone Broadway Hotel.

Sign on the wall of The Ale House
April 3, 2002

St Pauls Church, Robert Burns - The Octagon
Baldwin Street, steepest residential street in the world
Corner of George and London St.
On April 4, 2002 we took a ride up the coast of Otago and saw these signs along the beach. Seems there's a controversy underway regarding the establishment of mussel farms. Next time you see New Zealand mussels on a menu in the USA, think of Dunedin!
Dunedin from Heriot Row, near Olveston

Corner of Rattray and Princes St. A few steps from the former location of Hob Nob and Sunset strip.  Looks much different today than in the 1960s. Although the Cargill Statue is the same. Photographed April 3, 2002. Photo on the left, Cargill statue,  was taken in 1889.

Train station platform, April 3, 2002
ASIDunedin 1
ASIDunedin 2
ASIDunedin 3
ASIDunedin 5
ASIDunedin 4
ASIPT-594 Great King St
ASIDunedin 6

This group of 6 photos of the "new" 594 Great King Street were taken by Dot Mason during a mid 2008 visit to Dunedin, plus one photo of the building in 1966 taken by PT Culhane. I didn't appreciate the Victorian architecture until later in life.

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