Otago Harbour

On Thursday, March 29, 2001 I took a cruise up Otago Harbour - out to Taiaroa Head, aboard the Motor Vessel Monarch. This particular tour lasted just over 4 hours. For the most part we traced the route the Deep Freeze picket ships took to sea. These photos were taken on the outbound voyage, starting from Wharf & Fryatt Street, near where the picket ships docked.

Looking towards the oil wharf, leaving town..

Port Chalmers
Logs being shipped to Japan from Port Chalmers

And another shot of the seal.
Lighthouse atop Taiaroa Head, entrance to Otago Harbour

Looking up the channel towards Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers wharves, I'm told the dry-dock is gone.
Looking towards Taiaroa Head.

Looking out to sea from Taiaroa Head
Looking at the entrance of Otago Harbour

Looking towards Fox Street,  Port Chalmers.

Just outside the harbour at Taiaroa Head a Royal Albatross in flight.
Seal at foot of Taiaroa Head.

Another shot of the entrance. Notice the various types of birds in both photos.

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