New Zealand
A familiar scene to any Deep Freeze DE(R) sailor, except 30 years later. Top photograph was taken April 3, 1999 on the Oil Wharf,. Bottom photograph is Victoria Wharf, Dunedin, New Zealand. Click on image for a larger view.

The gardens at Larnach Castle. Photographe d April, 4, 1999. Click on on image for larger view.

This photograph was taken on April 4, 1999, from the tower atop Larnach Castle. Looking towards Port Chalmers, and Otago Harbour. Deep Freeze sailors have seen this view many times, from a different perspective. Click on image for larger view.

Fletcher Lodge Bed & Breakfast. Located at 276 High Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. A lovely setting, a short walk to downtown Dunedin, operated by a very capable and friendly couple. Click on the image for a larger view. 

And for those shipmates who visited the Hob Nob while in Dunedin, I'm afraid it's no longer operating. Click on the image for a larger view. The building now houses a Thai restaurant. And, as you would guess, the Sunset Strip and the locker club are long gone.

Larnach Castle is a fascinating estate which is located high above Otago Harbor,  across from Port Chalmers. During the Deep Freeze years the estate was deserted and run down. Purchased in 1967, it has been restored to its original splendor. Atop the uppermost tower one has beautiful views of Otago Harbor to the west,  and to the east,   views of the ocean to and from which we sailed. Click on image for larger view, or go to the web site for Larnach Castle by clicking here..  Don't forget to come back.

During the Deep Freeze years many shipmates would visit the Broadway Hotel while in Dunedin. The Broadway is no more, burned to the ground many years ago..

Well, nothing stays the same. The corner where the above photo was taken has again changed. It now is a large store. Broadway and High Street, March 2004

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