Archie's Album Pages 6 - 10

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Page 6:

32-33. Inca ruins, Temple of God

34. Al (Toni) Antoniacci buying a llama skin rug. Sept. 26, 1965

35. Archie Cunningham with 18 day old beard. Pacific crossing.

36-37. Otago Harbour. Oct. 16, 1985.

Page 7:

38- Otago Harbour

39. Ed Hochhalter with camera, and Ens. Dolbec. Otago Harbour

40-41. Otago Harbour

42-43. Port Chalmers

All photos this page taken on, Oct. 16, 1965

Page 8

44-46. Otago Harbour

47. Otago Harbour. Note the typical NZ weather. It was sunny at one end of the harbour and raining on the other.  Oct. 16, 1965.

48. Sailing to first picket. October 19, 1965

49. Stormy seas south of New Zealand.

Page 9

50-53. Antarctic storm. High seas, winds up to 90 miles per hour. Note the Albatross in photos 51-52.

54.55. Campbell Island weather station. Approx. 600 kilometers south of NZ. Staffed by a contingent of scientists. Pickets ships stopped there often for mail and supply services for the island.

Page 10

56. Returning to Dunedin from the first picket.

57. The Deaker family. A New Zealand family who were very kind to the crew of the TJ Gary. They often invited crew members to their home.

58. Archie Cunningham and the Deakers.

59. Jack Kelly and the Deakers.

60. Dunedin, NZ seen from one of its many hills.

61. Another view of Campbell Island