Archie Cunningham

Archie Cunningham, RD-2, donated his photo album from the USS Thomas J. Gary's 1965-66 world cruise. The album contains almost 200 photos, and a number of newspaper articles about the cruise. This photo of Archie was taken in Panama, Sept. 1965. Click on the image for a larger view.

USS Thomas J. Gary, DER-326 - Photographed at Otago Harbour, New Zealand

Archie's Photo Album.

Page 1. Taken in September, 1965, Click on image for larger view.

2.          A street in Panama
3.          Monument in Panama City
4.          Street in Panama

5.          Monument to Balboa, Panama City
6.          Archie Cunningham, Panama City
7.          Church in Panama City

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8 - 11         Pacific entrance of Panama Canal, from the Balboa Bridge, Panama.

12.              USS Thomas J. Gary, at US Naval Station Rodman, Canal Zone

13.              Archie Cunningham, Crossing the Equator, Sept. 22, 1965.

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14    OI Diivision crossing the Equator: a. Jack Kelly, b. Jack Toth, c. Bob Young, d. Al Dudden, e. Bill Fraley, f. John Callewyn, g. Briski, h. ??, i. Jim Beaver, j. Ed Elsenheimer, k. Jim Cheron, l. Marvin Macjeweski
15.   The Royal Choir: a. Nelson, b. Carson, c.Smith, d. Mac Pherson, e. Schreiber, f. Dormer

16.   Bathing Beauty Contest:  L-R  Beaver, Knirsh, Miller, Escott, Holland, Judy, Ewing, Sullivan,
17. - 18.   Crossing Ceremony
19.  Flying the Skull & Crossbones

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20. US and Peruvian sailors having dinner. US Naval Station, Callao, Peru. Sept. 25, 1965

21  Port of Callao, Peru

22. - 23.  Peruvian Bar, Sept. 25, 1965

24. Local bar's wait staff, Callao, Peru

25.  Country Club, Callao, Peru

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26. - 27.  Pacific coast, outside city of Lima, Peru. Sept. 26, 1965

28.  Typical Peruvian family.

29.  Archie Cunningham and friends. Taken outside Inca ruins. Sept. 26, 1965

30.  Inca Ruins

31.  The Temple of the Sun God.l