Bob Seely

Bob Seely was a CS-3 aboard Calcaterra during Deep Freeze 65 - 66.

ASIBob on deck - Copy
ASIAt iceberg-1

Bob Seely CS-3 aboard USS Calcaterra

ASIAt Dunedin NZ
ASIAthens-_Greece_7edited ASIchipping ice - Copy
ASIchipping ice 2 - Copy

Willie Williams(center)

Ron Kramer AG-2

Chipping Ice at 60 South

ASIAt iceberg
ASIEnroute to Campbel Island

En route to Campbell Island

ASIChristmas cake 2edited

Christmas Cake - 1965
Made by Bob Seely and Bob Moffitt

ASIcrossing the equator
ASIJolly Roger flag

Crossing the Equator

ASIDER390 Calcaterra

Beirut Lebanon Bum Boats

ASIsunning on deck

Sunning on deck


On liberty

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