Dave Nickel

Dave Nickel was the Supply Officer aboard USS Calcaterra during Deep Freeze 1965-1966. Dave sent along a large group of photographs, the first which appear here. Click on image

A859613-R1-09-10 (Copy)
A859613-R1-10-11 (Copy) E859613-R1-80-81 (Copy)
E859613-R1-118-119 (Copy)
D859613-R1-34-35 (Copy)
D859613-R1-44-45 (Copy)
D859613-R1-70-71 (Copy)
E859613-R1-28-29 (Copy)
B859613-R1-59-60 (Copy) D859613-R1-28-29 (Copy)
D859613-R1-52-53 (Copy)
B859613-R1-55-56 (Copy)
E859613-R1-91-92 (Copy)
E859613-R1-89-90 (Copy)
E859613-R1-110-111 (Copy)
E859613-R1-106-107 (Copy)
F859613-R1-04-5 (Copy)
F859613-R1-28-29 (Copy)
F859613-R1-05-6 (Copy)
E859613-R1-116-117 (Copy)
E859613-R1-112-113 (Copy)
F859613-R1-27-28 (Copy)
F859613-R1-38-39 (Copy)