Ed Lynch Page 2
Ed Lynch and Doug (Van Tol?), USS Calcaterra
Ronnie Longmire, Sunset Strip
USS Calcaterra, at 60 South, ice covered
Brady in drag. USS Calcaterra, Aug. 1965. Visible is: Skip, Lemon, Kramer.
USS Calcaterra, Aug 1965 crossing equator, Ens Nickel, LtCdr Earl
Charles Ortenzio, DK-2, USS Calcaterra, Aug 1965
Panama, Aug. 1965 - Where to go on liberty
USS Calcaterra departing Newport, RI Aug, 1965. Note the crowds
MiraFlores Locks, Panama Canal, USS Calcaterra, Aug. 1965
David Herron, sitting at SPA-8A

I know guys that went to each of these places.

Bridge of the Americas, Canal Zone, Aug 1965
Skora and Morales, and ???
Lt. Schultz playing gun director?