Ed Lynch

Ed Lynch, GM-3 served aboard USS Calcaterra during Deep Freeze 1965-66. Ed has lived in Dunedin, New Zealand since 1968. When I was working in New York City in the late 60s I bumped into Ed on Park Ave. South, near 30th Street. He invited me to his and Lesley's wedding party that weekend. Over 30 years later I've now visited with Ed and Lesley in New Zealand several times. On my April, 2002 visit Ed gave me the following items from his scrapbook, which were returned to him on my Feb. 2004 visit to Dunedin.

A classic photo of Ed Lynch (center) being "detained" by the Shore Patrol, Dick Navarre, left, Euless Walls(?) right
Ed Lynch on right, ? on left.
The USS Mills was the last DER to ever visit Dunedin, March 1968
Ronnie Floyd, RM-3, in an "unusual" Equator Crossing pose
USS Mills, Oct.2, 1967
Harry Olsen, RM-3, who also served aboard USS Thomas J. Gary.
USS Calcaterra, Dec.1965, Holiday Plan of the Day
USS Calcaterra, Aug 1965. Lynch, Buono, Trump, Wells,?