Jack Merna

Jack was an ETN aboard TJ Gary, 1967-68. He reported aboard when the Gary returned from Deep Freeze and was scheduled to change home port to Key West. During his time on the Gary the ship spent time in New Orleans, being fitted out for a secret mission. The ship also visited Haiti, Gitmo Jacksonville (dry dock), Panama City, and Portsmouth,  VA. The ship was in Key West for months and had to ride out a hurricane at sea.

ASICuba 2
ASIBruni Stets ASICuba
ASIbreak time

These series of pictures were while TJ Gary was in Haiti, 1968

ASIChanging berth Haiti
ASIGary in background
ASIHaiti 1968
ASIHaiti 1968-1
ASIHaiti 1968-7
ASIHaiti 1968-4
ASIHaiti 1968-6
ASIHaiti 1968-2
ASIHaiti 1968-8
ASIHaiti 1968-5
ASIHaiti 1968-11
ASIHaiti 1968-9
ASIhaiti 1968-12
ASIHaiti 1968-13

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