Jim Caiaccia  Page 3
ASICanaries, Christopher Columbus' House on  Gran Canaria
ASIAzores, Cart Rd 1970
ASIAzores, cemetary
ASICanaries, Bull Ring Las Palmas 1969 ASICanaries, Castle Remnants 2 Gran Canaria
ASICanaries, Castle Remnants Gran Canaria
ASICanaries, Las Palamas, Gran Canaria 1
ASICanaries, Harbor 1 at gran Canaria Island 1969 ASICanaries, Harbor 2
ASICanaries, Harbor 3 ASICanaries, Las Palamas, Gran Canaria 2
ASICanaries, Las Palamas, Gran Canaria 3
ASIGermany, Sailor's Memorial Wilimshaven Ger
ASIGermany, Cruiser Wilimshaven 1970
ASICanaries, Las Palamas, Gran Canaria 4 ASIGermany, Heineken Brewery ASIGermany, Mike Dothager & Kassen on Heineken tour
ASIGermany, Volkswagen Factory 1970
ASIKWEST, Port Side to- Calcaterra Outboard
ASIKWEST, Harbor Tug 1969 ASIKWEST, Kretchmer & Forster ASIKWEST, Oceanographic Ship
ASILondon, Beer Del. near Scotland Yard 1970
ASIGermany, Volkswagon
ASILondon, Big Ben Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster
ASILondon, Beer Delivery near 10 Downing St
ASILondon, Bobbies
ASILondon, Carnaby St
ASILondon, Cole & Dothager on Carnaby St
ASILondon, Carnaby St 2
ASILondon, St James Park
ASILondon, Roger cole shopping on Carnaby St ASILondon, St James Park 3
ASILondon, St James Park 2
ASILondon, Royal Family's arrival at the palace
ASILondon, Royal Family detail
ASILondon, Westminster 1970 ASILondon, Westminster Interior
ASINorway, Location Haahon Janson ASINorway, Ronnie Brown Ski Jump 2 ASINorway, Ronnie Brown
ASINorway July 4 Celebration 1969
ASIPotsmouth maybe
ASIPortsmouth Facilities 1970
ASINorway, Ski Jump
ASIPortsmouth Harbor @ nite
ASIPortsmouth Pier ASIScotland, Down Town Holly Loch 1969
ASIScotland, Holly Loch area 1
ASIScotland, Simon Lake AS-33 1970 ASISouthend by the Sea 1 mile pier 1970 ASISouthend by the Sea 3
ASISouthend by the Sea 2
ASIScotland, Holly Loch area 2
ASIStark Fla, From Fire Watch Tower 1970
ASISouthend by the Sea 4
ASIStark Fla, Ronnie n Jim