Joe Thorne Page 3

L-R USS Calcaterra patch of unknown vintage or meaning.  USS Calcaterra sailing Otago Harbor, Dunedin, New Zealand, Deep Freeze 1965-66,  Joe Thorne in the Calcaterra's IC Room.

The above items were sent in by Joe Thorne, who served on USS Calcaterra on Deep Freeze 65-66. Left - Right  Calcaterra patch of unknown significance.  Photo of Calcaterra in Otago Harbor,  and Joe Thorne in the Calcaterra's IC Room, March 1965. Click on image for larger view.

USS Calcaterra backing down after hitting ice berg, Dec, 1965

The famous sign at Campbell Island
USS Calcaterra mess decks
The weather balloon guys: Ltjg Steve Selig - Ron Kramer, AG 2-Bob Bookhammer AG 3, Joe Brennan, AG 3
USS Calcaterra at Campbell Island
Welcome to the Hotel Calcaterra