Joe Thorne

After all the years since I left the Calcaterra, Joe Thorne and I met in Miami in January, 2000. He came to my hotel and we had a nice reunion, in between business meetings that were my reason for being in Miami. Joe has since retired from Miami-Dade police dept where he was a detective with the homicide department.  He was never without customers in that profession  ;-)

Joe Thorne, IC-2, USS Calcaterra, Deep Freeze 1965-66

Jan. 11, 1966 newspaper article, USS Calcaterra bumps into coastal vessel Storm in Otago Harbour.
USS Calcaterra mess decks decorated for the holidays.
Photo courtesy Joe Thorne. USS Calcaterra backing down after hitting ice berg, Dec. 1965. Click on image for larger view
USS Calcaterra's bow cutting through the sea.
Joe Thorne at the famous "Campbell Island" sign. Deep Freeze 65-66.