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Spath Calcaterra Department Heads

Calcaterra Department Heads (click of larger image)

Remember the pubs closed at 6PM. The "lady's" lounge was open for dinner and cocktails past 6PM. Usually, one had to be a registered guest, you would be issued a card.
Ckich to see the cards

Life on US Picket Ship Not Easy

Meals Eaten on the Floor (Very much like today, this reporter was long on drama)

Loading Small Boat (Another newspaper hatchet job)

Calcaterra Open House

Calcaterra Officers

Christmas Menu

Christmas at Balleny Island

Christmas Iceberg


Baker - Kramer - Brennan Loading Cylinders

Calcaterra Otago Harbor

Calcaterra Leaves for Home

Captain Says Goodbye

Disestablishment of Cortron 16

All Hands Comments About DER-390

Moana Pool

Calcaterra Ship of the Month


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