PT Culhane Page 2

Taken in Pago Pago, American Samoa, Sept, 1966, .L - R PT Culhane, Harry Forhan, Al Dudden

Archie Cunningham (against wall facing camera)

PT Culhane (foreground), Archie Cunningham (background)

The USS Thomas J. Gary was visited by singer Bob Dylan.

This information is from Archie Cunningham:  A while back I was checking it out (this website) and came across the Bob Dylan photos, that were not mine. Here is the story on that. Bob Dylan did a tour of Europe in 1966. I do not know why, but one day his limo pulled up at the Gary and he got out with a cameraman and a small entourage. The cameraman was there to document the tour and it was later released as a feature film, I do not remember the title, and the Gary shot was not in it. It would be interesting to find out if the film shot at the Gary was still around. The historic part of this tour was that his music took off in a different direction, when he gave a concert in England.                                                

Letter to the editor,  Goldmine,  by Archie Cunningham commenting on the Bob Dylan visit to USS Thomas J. Gary.