PT Culhane

Pat "PT" Culhane served as a Sonarman aboard USS Thomas J. Gary on Deep Freeze 65-66 and 66-67. We met again at the Gary reunion at Albany, NY, July 2000. It was our first meeting in over 33 years, it was amazing how we could recall the smallest details from so long ago.  PT sent along these photos for the web page.

Dunedin's 594 Great King Street was the scene of many good times. While the building no longer looks like this, the memories are all too vivid. Rich Turco standing in doorway, Ken Johnson at the gate.

"PT" took a number of pictures at Campbell Island. If you recognize the people in these photos, please post a message in the LOG

More pictures of Campbell Island.

Harry Forhan, DK-2

Jim Bellar at the helm, Gene Spinelli, (no hat), Ltjg Dave Ewing wearing hood. USS Thomas J Gary, Deep Freeze 66-67

TJ Gary in dry dock, probably June, 1966

PT Culhane and Harry Forhan, Al Dudden in background (no hat), probably taken during Deep Freeze 65-66

Back row-L to R : Gene Singer, Joe Barton and Ron Brown. Out in front Harry Forhan.

Memory Box built by PT Culhane