Ron Haggard

Ron Haggard served as an ETR-SN aboard USS Calcaterra during the Deep Freeze 1965-66 deployment. Ron has lived in Colorado for the past 30 years, within a short drive of my home, and also lived in the same town as Dick Navarre when Dick was in Colorado. In fact, Ron had regular visits to a shopping area that was 5 minutes from my home in Boulder, Colorado. On April 30, 2005 I drove to Ron's new home in southern Colorado where we spent the day together.

Ron passed away in Feb. 2013 in Trinidad, Colorado. A memorial service was conducted on May 25, 2013.

Box of 35MM slides that Ron gave me to put on the web site. These photos were taken on the Calcaterra's last Dog Rocks picket, June, 1965. On Saturday,  June 26, 1965 I reported to Calcaterra in Newport, Rhode Island.

USS Calcaterra's ET shop
USS Calcaterra Casino Night
Ron Haggard

The above photos are of a YAGR that met Calcaterra on station at Dog Rocks, and eventually relieved Calcaterra so she could return to Newport and prepare to depart for New Zealand that summer.

Here's a photo of Ron Haggard taken on August 26, 2007 in Trinidad, Colorado. The view in the background is what Ron sees from his deck.
Also taken on August 26, 2007 is this photo of Ron Haggard and his brother Frank (on left) also a Navy veteran.