Ron Kramer Page 2

This series of Ron's photos takes us to entering Otago Harbor, mooring at Dunedin's Victoria Wharf, and then to Campbell Island's Perseverance Harbor and the weather station. Then we sail to Picket Station at 60 South and launch weather balloons.

ASI23 Arriving Otago Harbor
ASI24 Otago Harbor Pilot
ASI26 First Glimse of Dunedin
ASI25 Otago Harbor Pilot Boarding
ASI27 Dunedin Victoria Wharf
ASI28 Dunedin Victoria Wharf-2
ASI029 Enroute to Campbell Island
ASI30 Campbell Island Weather Station
ASI32 CampbellIsland Express-2
ASI31 Campbell Island Express ASI33 At Perserverance Harbor ASI34 The Sign
ASI38 Air Bedding - Balloon Launch
ASI37 Ron Kramer
ASI35 Underway to 60South ASI36 Underway to 60South-1
ASI39 Balloon Launch
ASI40 Balloon Launch-2