Ron Kramer Page 1

Ron Kramer served as an AG-2 aboard USS Calcaterra during the 1956 - 1966 Deep Freeze deployment. Ron's photo album contains 172 pictures, shown in sequence leaving Newport, RI and ending in London, England. Unfortunately, Ron's camera was stolen before he could process the remaining roll of film in the camera.

This group of photos shows us leaving Newport, steaming south, the and Equator Crossing Ceremony.

ASI1 At Newport RI
ASI5 Underway
ASI2 At Newport RI (2) ASI3 Underway from Newport ASI4 The Curise Begins
ASI7 The Court
ASI8 The Court-1
ASI6 Jolly Roger
ASI10 Entertainment-2
ASI9 Entertainment
ASI14 The Gauntlet-3 ASI15 The Gauntlet-4
ASI12 The Gauntlet 012 ASI13 The Gauntlet-2
ASI11 The Judges
ASI16 Almost Finished
ASI17 Ugh
ASI19 Ouch ASI20 Another Home Run
ASI18 Batter Up
ASI21 Dave Yeomans having fun ASI22 Exiting the Garbage Tunnel