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Skip and Lexie Amoroson visited us in Colorado during August, 2008. We had a great time touring along Interstate-25 from Trinidad, Colorado (on the New Mexico boarder) to Boulder, Colorado. We visited with Ron Haggard who served on USS Calcaterra with Skip and I. Neither Ron nor Skip knew they would be meeting during this visit. The minute they saw one another you could see they recognized each other but it took a few seconds for the names to come into focus. We had a great Sunday morning visit with Ron's next door neighbors who provided a full breakfast for a house full of visitors.

Pikes Peak is one of Colorado's  14ers, 53 mountains over 14,000 feet above sea level. There are several ways to reach the top of the mountain: Cog Railway, hiking, or driving a dirt road. We took the Cog Railway:

Skip and Lexie at the summit

ASILexie-Skip at sign-1
ASILexie-Skip at sign
ASIGarden of the Gods Sign
ASILexie at Divide Colorado

Before heading for Trinidad we enjoyed some fresh salmon and crab that was sent from Seattle,  Lexie digging.

One of Skip's favorite stops was an unannounced visit to the Coors Brewery at Golden, Colorado.

ASISkip at Coors Visitor Ctr
ASISkip-Lexie at Coors
ASIBalanced Rock Sign ASISkip-Lexie-1 Garden of the Gods
ASIBalanced Rock
ASISkip - Lexie Garden of the Gods

Here are some photos of the gang at Trinidad, Colorado.

ASIRon - Skip

Skip - Ron

ASILexie-Skip Trinidad

Lexie - Skip

Operation Deep Freeze Brochure and postal covers that Skip provided for the web site.

ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 3 ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 6 ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 8
ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 1 ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 2 ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 4-5
ASIDeep Freeze Brochure Page 7
ASISkip Newspaper article
ASISkip Ice berg-1 ASISkip Ice berg
ASIPM-Skip-Sept 17 1965-1
ASIPM-Skip-Sept 17 1965
ASIPM-Skip-Jan 9 1967-1
ASIPM-Skip-Dec 23 1965
ASIPM-Skip-May 15 1965
ASIPM-Skip-Feb 12 1966 ASIPM-Skip-Jan 3 1965
ASIPM-Skip-Nov 23 1965
ASISkip lighter