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In August of 1965 Calcaterra was tied up across from this  new Italian frigate, I believe we were visiting Lima, Peru. Both ships were getting underway that morning. but we didn't know what time the Italian ship was leaving. Rather than find out through official channels one of our Boatswains mates (Buono from NY who spoke Italian)  was sent over to the frigate. But Buono was painting that morning, and didn't look navy-like. So he was sent below to clean up, and get into dress whites.  He then walked across the pier, and in his best NY, Brooklyn accent, yelled in English to an Italian sailor "hey, what time you getting underway?" to which the Italian responded in perfect English "at 10 o'clock". Click on the image for a larger view. The picture quality is poor.

Gene Spinelli's personalized coffee mug, sold on USS Calcaterra during Deep Freeze 65-66. Click on image for larger view
USS Calcaterra DER-390,  Fox Division. Deep Freeze 1967-68. Photographed on Victoria Wharf, Dunedin, New Zealand.  Click on image for larger view. Courtesy of: Charlie Swartz, STG-2.

 L-R  Ensign Spenser Jones II,  Warren Perry GM-1,  Charlie Swartz  STG-2,  Dave Malloy  STG-3,  Arnell Hopp GMG-2,  Dennis Gill STG-3,  Robert Bartlett GMG-2, Unknown,  Unknown,   Edward  Coyle FTG-3,  Errol Woodward  TM3,  Unknown, William ( Bill) Simms STG-2,  Francis Dvorak STG-3 , Erland Withey STG-1.  The 3 Unknowns are probably: Ronald Derrico STG-3, Ronald Schmidt FTG-3, and Leslie Cottle FTG-2 or Donald Lennox GMG-2.  Thanks to Bill Simms STGC )SW) USN Ret for filling in the blanks.
This retouched photo was taken from the motor whaleboat of USS Calcaterra, Dec. 1965.

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