DER 390 Photos 7
This photograph of Paul Houdart, RM-1 (L) and Gene Spinelli, ETR-3, was taken at the Enlisted Men's Club at Newport, Rhode Island. Can't recall when it was taken, but it had to be between July-August 1965, or May-August, 1966.
US Naval Station, Panama Canal Zone,  August, 1965 - Liberty Call

Bob Suttle, at sea. Interesting picture, Bob is holding on with both hands. and the ship is tilted with respect the horizon.

Plummer, RD-3. Taken in CIC, USS Calcaterra

USS Calcaterra,  Deep Freeze 65-66 Bob Suttle,

5 of the 6 people in this 1997 Thomas J. Gary reunion photo also served on the USS Calcaterra, Deep Freeze 65-66.
L- R (standing) Ens. Fred Smallwood, Alan Baker AG-3,   John Phillips AG-2,. Sitting L-R Ron Day (Gary only) Skip Amoroson EM-3, Gene Spinelli ETR-3.

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