DER 390 Photos 6
Balleny Islands, December, 1965. We crossed the Antarctic Circle on Christmas Day.
Typical sea conditions during the Antarctic storms.
Arthur (Jimmy) Moreno, RD-3
During a 60 South picket Bell, RM-3 and I were on the starboard side of the 01 level (outside of Radio Central). The ship took a sharp roll to starboard just as I snapped the photo. The ship continued rolling, a split second later Bell wasn't smiling as we both held on till the ship rolled to port.

I member taking this photo from the deck of the USS Calcaterra, Dec. 1965. It's one of my favorites.

Various photographs of Gene Spinelli, ETR-3, USS Calcaterra, 1965 L-R  At SPA-8 repeater in CIC. At R-390 in CIC. On fantail, at Newport, Rhode Island