William C. Earl

LtCdr. William (Bill) C. Earl was the Commanding Officer of the USS Calcaterra DER-390 during the 1965 - 1966 Deep Freeze deployment. I recall he was elevated to Commander during our return to Newport, Rhode Island. As a result of that promotion he outranked the CO's of other DEs and DERs, so Calcaterra was tied up inboard from the other ships in its class. Cdr. Earl sent me these photos.

USS Calcaterra, my guess is photographed from Victoria Wharf, Dunedin New Zealand. The hull looks pretty darn good compared to other photos I've seen. This photo was taken sometime during, or after, January, 1966. The Blue Nose, penguins, and the dent in the port bow date the picture after we crossed the Antarctic Circle.
USS Calcaterra touch football team, the year Calcaterra won the DESLANT Champonship. Bill Earl is 3rd from left, kneeling. I don't know any of the others.