DER 326 Photos 3
USS Thomas J Gary after transfer to Tunisa
These plaques were purchased in 1967 when the USS Thomas J Gary visited Amsterdam
USS Thomas J Gary, WW-2 look
In July, 2007 I was doing a project in Sydney, Australia. During that visit I met Marv Maciejewski for dinner. We had a 3+ hour dinner and covered 40 years of our lives over a "few" beers. Marv served aboard the USS Thomas J Gary during the Gary's 2 Deep Freeze deployments. Marv has been living in Australia since 1974, having been transferred there by Motorola. He chose to remain in Australia and raise his family there. The above photo of Marv was taken in 2002, Darwin, Australia

Remember those little green memo books we used?  I found mine from Calcaterra and TJ Gary. Interesting "stuff" in those books, although don't remember some of the names and occasions.