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USS Thomas J. Gary at anchor, Perseverance Harbor, Campbell Island, New Zealand. Operation  Deep Freeze, 1966 - 67

The oil wharf revisited. The above photo of the sea cadets was taken while the TJ Gary was tied up at the oil wharf. This photo of the oil wharf was taken on April 4, 1999, while touring Dunedin. Click on image for larger view

USS Thomas J. Gary letterhead, raised seal, and logo

At Dunedin, New Zealand. November 12, 1966, 148 New Zealand sea cadets report for sea duty aboard USS Thomas J. Gary. Click on the image for a larger view

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USS Thomas J. Gary shortly before decommissioning.  Origin of this photograph is unknown, but it may have been presented to the crew shortly before decommissioning. The SPS-8B radar and the TACAN were removed, additional communications whips installed, and both masts were painted black. Click on image for a larger view.

In April, 1967 a number of crewmembers aboard TJ Gary bought handguns while in Europe. Here's a copy of the form that was used to get permission for the purchase.

Undated photo of former USS Thomas J Gary, as Tunisian ship President Bourguiba E-7.

On Labor Day, 2010 Captain Richard C Smith, USN Retired died. Captain Smith was the CO of USS Thomas J Gary during the 1965 - 1966 Deep Freeze deployment.

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