Jim Caiaccia

Jim Caiaccia was a Radarman aboard USS Thomas J Gary from 1969 - 1971, after the ship underwent major changes to support its new mission. If you recall, the North Koreans captured the USS Pueblo with virtually no resistance. The Pueblo was a "communications ferret", a ship that positions itself in a strategic location and monitors the airways for radio signals. The Gary was outfitted with then state-of-the-art electronic equipment that had the capability to receive signals from DC to Daylight.

Unlike the Pueblo, the Gary was outfitted with additional armament, destruction charges to destroy crypto equipment, procedures and tooling to quickly destroy code books and other classified documents, and in a pinch the ship could be scuttled via explosive charges. The crew was armed with more powerful personal weapons than the old M1 rifles and 1911 pistols.

Jim's sent along a number of photographs that are displayed on the this web site. Jim did an excellent job describing each photo and including names, where appropriate. The photos are arranged as follow:  Around the Ship     Crew 69-71     Ops     Ports

Around the Ship

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ASIAfter Stick Antenna
ASIBattle Helmet Forward Mount ASICable run on the forward mast
ASIfreighter 3 ASIHedgehogs Mount
ASILaunching the Motor Whale Boat

Crew 1969 - 1971

ASIBlue Nose Ceremony 1 1970
ASIBlue Nose ceremony 2 XO getting sprayed w bl paint
ASIBlue Nose ceremony 3
ASIBlue Nose ceremony 4
ASIBlue Nose ceremony 5
ASICole & Dothager on Carnaby St
ASICrew Transfer to the USS Odax ASIescape from berthing ASIET1 Leboff...
ASICole getting tired of my camera
ASIMike Dothager in London
ASILt jg Lichtenberg watching the CHG
ASILook Out Stbd Brdge Wing ASILost in Scotland
ASIJose in CIC
ASIRD2 Cole with RD2 Caiaccia Gov't Housing, East Meadow, NY 19
ASIRD2 Caiaccia 1971
ASIQM2 Cox 2 ASIRD3 Brown on the  Big  Eyes
ASIOn The Forecastle
ASIRoger Cole 1972
ASIRDSN Caiaccia & friend ASIRick Klassen & Dan Lambeck on the port bridge wing
ASIRick Welsh at Mount 51
ASIRoger Cole CIC
ASIBlue Nose ceremony 6
ASIRonnie Brown CIC ASIHoggy Hogans and lute 1970
ASIRonnie Brown in Xmitter Rm
ASIUnk Mess Cook
ASIMr Martin on the Bridge ASIMr Stevenson on the bridge detail
ASIMusawicz (sp) Ski
ASIGary Departing, CO Bobbie Sample
ASIBlue Nose ceremony XO Lt Therien after Ceremony 2
ASIBoot Camp RD3 Bueller
ASIRD3 Jim Caiaccia needs a shave ASIJim Maloney and ET2 Ski Musawicz (sp unk)
ASIRD3 Dan Lambeck
ASIRD3 Jim Caiaccia Holly Loch
ASIRonnie Brown 70
ASIPaint Locker
ASIpotato Locker
ASIRonnie and Roger Stark Fla
ASIRoger Cole's 65 GTO