John Baxter

John Baxter served aboard USS Thomas J. Gary during the 1965-66 deployment. Seems that John and I worked for the same company until his retirement a few years ago, and we have a number of mutual acquaintances, but we didn't know this until early 2004. John sent along a large selection of photographs from his collection.

Page 1 will cover Newport to New Zealand

USS Thomas J Gary departing Newport, Rhode Island
John Baxter
Sheriff Cleveland Dickens, SMC
J. Kelly and M. Foley
left- right J. Ddruzbacky, Wes Patience
East end of Panama Canal

Pizzaro's Tomb, Lima Peru

left-Alan Daigneau, RD-1, right ?
Wes Patience
Panama City
extreme left looks like Bob Goldman, RM3 center is Alan Daigneau RD1
l-r King, Queen, Royal Baby. Conover is the King
John Baxter kissing the Royal Baby

Alan Daigneau, RD1

l-r Doc Ford, Richard Smith(in foreground), J. Griffin, Dave Ewing, H. Delfes, B. Vannice, D. Somers, D. Dolbec (nude unknown)
L-R Dave Ewing, B. Vannice, Doc Ford, D. Dolbec, Richard Smith
Lima Peru

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